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Use this form to submit your package (themes, apps, and bug fixes) to the MMi Cydia repo. offers current stats both by developer and total at

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Valid extensions are zip, gz, and tar. If you have a deb file, please just zip it and submit. If over 6MB, please just upload to MediaFire, and provide a link in the Extra Comments or Instructions area.
If you want additional links to show up on your package's depiction page, add that information above. Icons should be 32x32 pixels and have a transparent background. We have icons you can use for the two most popular addons - PayPal and Twitter (click either to open).
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NOTE: Paid packages MUST be 100% original material, created from scratch, support the Retina Display, and be wholly owned by you. Paid packages not satisfying these requirements WILL be rejected. Paid packages take 3-5 days to process.
Please read the Cydia Store F.A.Q. for information about submitting paid packages.
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